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 18-01-2013 - Online love
So much online love going on these days, it makes me wonder how many computers/phones or electronic devices would get pregnant if they were human ? Strangers interacting and showing affection to each other for the world to see is something that I am still trying to get used to. This online love is at an all time high right now, matter of fact there is so much spreading that some of it could possibly be the new hate ?
What about taking away all the electronic devices and seeing if it is just digital love or the real thing ?
Regardless of the fact whether it be real or fake, online love can be influenced by alcohol beverages/ meetings/ dinner/ collaborations/competition or whatever makes your heart go mushy.
Online love makes me a little sick to my stomach a bit because some things should be said in confidence or kept between computers in private messages or whatever way you do it. The weird thing is that strangers that I barely know are keeping it more realer than people I actually know ?
Its ok to show a little digital affection every now and then, but if you are doing it for the wrong reasons you probably already know your motives for it. We all have our own reasons and you know the saying " to each is own " right ??
I have no problem with online love, only the abundance that it has been coming in these days and still can't understand why people show more love to thy stranger more than thy neighbor ?
I guess everybody needs a little…… in their lives.. do you ?


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