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 12-04-2012 - "Look at all these Rumors, surrounding me everyday..."
Did you hear what she did ? did you hear about.. etc.
These are the opening lines for a lot of conversations because us humans love a good piece of gossip every now and then but appears lately its the men spreading the rumors more than the women in 2011. Rumors are at an all time high these days and basically they are just words coming out of other peoples mouths. Some may have a bit of truth but most get fabricated while those words are passed on through the communication channels. Don't believe the hype, the lies or anything in between because its hard enough to believe the truth these days.
Every body got a story to tell but most of the time people are trying to tell someone else's story while that same person is telling a story about him or her.
Rumors and Gossip will never go away, if they did some may have nothing to talk about with friends, family or their spouses.
When is the last time you heard a good Rumor about someone ? If you haven't recently, go start one.

Love, Peace & Chicken Grease.

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