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 18-02-2012 - I GOT YOUR BACK
One of the most common saying among friends/homies/relatives is "I got your back, don't worry man, I got your back". It might be wise to have more than one person watching your back, because that 1st person that says it could have something hidden away and plotting or planning to put that object in your back while they are watching.
Better yet, how about they just watch your sides? Left flank right flank and forward (military style), because that is the direction we are all trying to move in right? Together or apart is usually up to the people that are watching for you. The ones that really are "watching" are the ones that don't say it. You just know it and feel it without words while others are watching so far back that you can't even see them anymore (guess they are looking at something else lol).
If you are walking with a strong unit then there is no need to turn around, because others will know the repercussions when trying to do something "behind your back" so to say.
You can walk alone and have more love than some people walking with a group, searching for something and looking for nothing.
Instead of getting my back, lets get forward cause there is only the past back there…
FORWARD MARCH !! (left right left right)

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