MC AMBUSH || Biography

Definition: Ambush : Surprise attack !!!

MC Ambush developed an interest in music while growing up in Long Island New York. While dad was a popular DJ throwing house parties in the States and through Eurpope while in the Army, music was his calling since an early age. Before becoming a vocalist, he played the Tenor Saxophone in his middle school band for a few years, until he became introduced to a new music genre called Hip Hop. He knew in his heart that he had found this new love when he first heard Erick B & Rakim's "Paid in full". "I still remember that bus ride with my cousin Jeff from Long Island to Queens and going crazy off the sound of Check out my Melody "

After completing high school in Texas, Ambush joined the Army in order to finance an own Album. After a four year run and being stationed in The Netherlands, he was introduced to a young DJ in the early stages of his career that needed an MC for a show one night. Since that first meeting, Mc Ambush was born and he began to make his mark through Europe along side DJ Chuckie !

Ambush has an incredible talent for freestyling. As the years carried on his skills were enhanced, especially during live shows or sets, which made him stand out next to other artists. Noticing his skills, Chuckie introduced him to some popular live bands in Holland with which Ambush toured the world, entertaining crowds of different ages, ethnicity, and gender. The bands travelled to a series of clubs and festivals across Holland, Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Tunesia, Taiwan, Japan, Germany, Belgium, Columbia, Spain,St. Martin St. Eustasius, These live bands consisted of various musical styles where the Mc would gain recognition for dropping a rhyme at the drop of a dime at any given moment.(Saskia La Roo Jazz Band, Gerald y la Ritmca , Hans Dulfer Band ). The Artist was very busy at this time also releasing the underground classic with co rapper Napalm "The Dirty Ep" from well known and respected group Fire Armz.

Besides MC'ng at different parties, Ambush also helped young talents with their hip hop skills, offering rap classes to the Dutch youth in Den Haag. In the course Ambush explained the elements of Hip Hop and helped with writing, recording and performing. After an 8 week course the students skills were showcased each year at The Haag Hip Hop festival.This course was given along with Dj Cirdec and the two helped guide some very talented dutch youth in the right direction through the words or music.

In 2003 Ambush was featured the remix of Kevin Lyttle's "Turn Me On" with Ebon E. The song reached top 10 in Holland and hit the pole position in the German DJ Charts for many weeks. The major success of the song led Ambush and his co-workers from "turn me on" to found the group "RMXCRW". An album with several remixes and a tour through Holland, Germany, Asia & the Carribean, South America. The groups popularity led them to work with some famous producers and artists such as Ciara, DJ Kool. DMX, Red Rat and Mr. Vegas.

Ambush has been busy lately focusing on solo projects, releasing different types of music other than Hip Hop, which broadened his performance abilities. After a few years of adjusting and traveling through the music circuit, this style is being more and more accepted after Mc'ng in Miami, Las Vegas and unforgettable sets in Amsterdam with Lil Jon & Chuckie @ Pacha Ibiza F**k me I'm Famous, Cannes, & London Carnival, Mc'ng for David Guetta in the U.K. in the Warehouse and also in Australia for the world famous Dj Armand Van Helden on the good vibrations tour 2010 along with Busta Rhymes, Salt & Pepa, Naughty By Nature, Basement Jaxx,Kid Kudi, The Killers, and manny more while coming off the Asia tour with Chuckie through Bangkok, Tokyo, China, and Thailand.

As Ambush continues his musical journey, he has no boundaries and no speed limits... If he likes the sound, Ambush will get down. This versatile artist lights up the club scene with his energetic performance and proves that true talent is not restricted to a single genre.

Party on !! Music is Love...